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We offer services in the following activities:

  • The construction of soccer fields;
  • All types of tennis courts (hard, grass, clay)
  • Construction and reconstruction of public and private playgrounds with modern materials and advanced technologies;
  • Laying of floor coverings of all types, recovery, and the alignment of floor leveling masses;
  • Supply and installation of sports equipment;
  • Design, construction and renovation of swimming pools, water entertainment and recreation centers, water treatment equipment installation, service;
  • Installation of protective coatings and waterproofing membranes;
  • Delivery of materials
  • Our professionals have extensive experience in construction and reconstruction of sports facilities, water recreation and swimming pools.

Using modern technology to use only high quality materials and equipment gives consistently excellent results.

Our experts will consult, will pick up for the specific facility equipment and materials, prepare documents, provide qualified support project work, and highly skilled workers, trained by the leading manufacturers of equipment and materials to perform equipment installation and construction works and in time.

Available experience allows us to work with virtually all types of coatings leading manufacturers in the world. Conducted workshops can constantly improve skills. Our experts are invited manufacturers to participate in joint projects.

The research resulted in the construction materials market, estimates of the parameters and properties of natural and synthetic surfaces from different manufacturers, we stopped for some firms from Europe and the United States, the materials which are the most advanced and quality to date.

A huge amount of information accumulated in the construction of sports facilities, paving and installation of sports as well as floor coverings, knowledge of modern construction techniques allow us to provide expert help, to give the right advice at all stages of construction.

While working on the subject of our specialists will carry the entire range of activities, including:

  • Check out the object, topographic survey, preparation of preliminary explication;
  • Preparation and coordination of construction documents;
  • Provision of consulting and engineering services;
  • Implementation of the chief control over the work;
  • Preparation of contractual base;
  • Ensuring the construction process, including delivery to the object of all necessary materials and the provision of construction equipment;
  • Representative functions, negotiating with foreign companies;
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of equipment;
  • Warranty and after sales service facility.

Our engineers, project managers and specialists from the building department pool their efforts and resources in order to create a product that will satisfy the most demanding customer. This ensures that our products are designed in strict accordance with your wishes.

On all work performed by us, we give a guarantee of quality from 3 to 7 years and incur additional after-sales service agreement with the customer.