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The company «Vip Sport Professional» works in Azerbaijan market in construction of football fields, tennis courts, closed and open (indoor and outdoor) sports fields, as well as various sports designs and constructions.
Years of experience has proven highly qualified our company. Our specialists have been trained in Europe and the CIS and will you provide services for high-quality concrete or asphalt unit basis, will work on the reconstruction of existing sports fields.
Answer all questions relating to all types of sports surfaces, we will review building designs, sports equipment and accessories, which is one of the important points in determining your chosen sports field.

The company performs the following:
1. Construction of sports facilities:
- Air supported structures;
- Frame and awning structures;
- Aluminum awning structure
2.Construction of soccer fields, tennis courts, playgrounds, sports facilities
3. The device of high quality concrete, asphalt base
4. Bonding acrylic coatings with the softening of the family of Hardy (Premier Cord)
5. Laying of artificial grass surfaces
6. The device is coated with tennis grounds (ground) and quartzite
7. Laying of all types of roller sports and plastic sheeting
8. Repair and reconstruction of old wooden surfaces in gyms
9. Construction fields for mini golf
10. Delivery and installation of fencing
11. Lighting of tennis courts, athletic fields
12. Manufacture, supply and installation of sports equipment and inventory
13. Supply of sports surfaces and operating equipment
14. Supply of sports equipment
15. Making VIP cups and sports medals

We will perform all work associated with construction, repair and reconstruction of sports surfaces and facilities!